* Ph.D., Cornell University, 1967,
* M.Tech. Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India, 1963,
* B.E. Civil Engineering, University of Bombay, 1961

ASCE Activities:


* Member of BOD - International Director, 1995-1998
* Member, International Activities Committee, 1995-2000
* Member, Technical Activities Committee, 1996-1999
* Member, Committee on Society Objectives and Programs (COSOPO), 1998
* Engineering Mechanics Division (EMD) Committee on Experimental Analysis and Instrumentation Chairman - (1976-1980) ;
* Member - (1976-84)

National Capital Section

* Chairman, International Activities Committee, 1999-present
* Professional Activities and Technical Society Liaison Chairman - (1978);
* Member - (1976-1979)

Professional Career:

Consultant and former Principal of KC Engineering, P.C. (1983- 1999): Worked in design, inspection and construction management of bridges and highways; Visiting Research Scientist at National Institute for Science and Technology (NIST) in 1994 and summers of 1977, 1978 and 1979; Professor of Civil Engineering, Howard University, Washington, DC. (1974- present); Group Supervisor, Bechtel Corporation, Gaithersburg, Maryland, (1970-1974); Research Engineer, American Cement Corporation, Riverside, Ca., (1968-69); Consulting Engineer, Bombay, India (1961-64); designed multi-story reinforced concrete apartment buildings

Significant Projects:

Construction Inspection work of three large waste water treatment plants (North River, Owl's Head and Red Hook Terminal) in New York city; design of baggage handling for JFK2000 Airport project; design of rehabilitation of Grand Central Station, New York. Consultant to NY Transit concrete projects. Conducted research with more than 25 Master's students resulting in publication of more than 100 papers and 10 books. Carried out research on the effect of low temperatures a various properties of concrete as affecting the safety in construction and developed relation to predict strength at any age up to 28 days combined with water/cement ratio, and maturity. Responsible for design of portions of two large nuclear power plants costing over billion dollars. Carried out research for Bechtel to explain the behavior of anchorage zone stresses in containment. Conducted research in lightweight, high strength and polymer concrete, and structural sandwich construction with paper honeycomb in housing project.

Professional Achievements:

Principal founder and CEO of a consulting firm for 18 years. Consultant to several companies for rehabilitation and construction. Developed energy-efficient concrete house, which won ACI award. Dedicated and well-respected teacher and mentor for minority students for more than 25 years. Member of numerous committees of ASCE, ACI, PCI and ASEE and produced a large number of important documents and special publications; Registered professional engineer in more than 10 states including New York, California and Maryland; President of civic community and professional organizations.

Engineering Activities:

Fellow of ASCE, ACI, IE (India). Active member of several societies, such as ASCE, ACI, PCI, ASEE and their Technical Committees. Expanded professional activities at international level, developing a large number of sections and chapters of ASCE and ACI locally and in the developing countries and helped increase their international membership. National Memberships include: ACI318-sub.C, Serviceability (1996-2000); ACI445, Shear and Torsion; ACI364, Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures, etc.

Major Publications:


1. Structural Modeling and Experimental Techniques (2nd Edition), CRC (1999),
2. Composite and Hybrid Concrete Structures, ACI (1997),
3. Handbook of Composite Construction Engineering, Van Nostrand Reinhold (1978),
4. Seismic Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures, ACI (1996),
5. Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures, ACI (1986),
6. Deflections of Concrete Structures, ACI (1986),
7. Physical Modeling of Shell and Space Structures, (1982),
8. Experimental Wind Engineering and Structures (1980) for ASCE,
9. Experimental Methods in Concrete Structures for Engineers for NCC/ACI (1979),
10. Vibration of Concrete Structures, ACI (1978),
11. Ferrocement - Material and Application, ACI (1978),
12. Foundations of Masonry Walls, (2nd Edition), NCMA (1974); over 100 research reports, papers and presentations


Emmons, P.H and Sabnis, G.M.,"Concrete Repair and Maintenance" Indian Edition, August 2001, Galgotia publications, New Delhi, India.


Selected Honors and Awards:

* Edmund Friedman Award, ASCE 1999.
* Engineer of the Year, ASEI 1997.
* Award for Innovative Use of Concrete by ACI/NCC 1997.
* Award of Our World in Concrete & Structures, Singapore (1991).
* Best Teacher Award by ASCE Howard University Student Chapter (1990, 1974).
* Percy L. Julian Research Award, Sigma Xi (1987).
* First Chapter Activities Award, ACI (1976).
* James Berkeley Gold Medal and Award, University of Bombay (1961).