Sabnis, Inc, under its original name of Technology Transfer Consultants (TTC) in the 1980’s, helped a number of companies to export and import both the technology and items of interest to both sides. The technology was mainly related to make better concrete and also to allow better use of materials of construction in India.
Initial TTC project was related to export of admixtures in concrete to prevent its reaction with steel and increase life of reinforced concrete buildings in humid and salty (Mumbai) environment compared to salt-ridden concrete and freeze-thaw action in the US bridges. It worked out well and was useful.

Later the actual export of admixtures was conducted to India to start manufacturing the same there for the purpose of exporting it to other SE Asian countries.
As the times changed, the present strategy is to device ways and means to encourage, help and to connect the small to medium size companies to develop business in India and USA, with particular emphasis in the High-tech and infrastructure fields in manufacturing and outsourcing.