Promoting the Exchange of Technology
Around the World

Technology Transfer Consultants Inc. represents an important link between the industrially developed countries and developing countries. Looking to the western nations, it has always been a dream of industrialists in the emerging countries to achieve technological advancement, to promote the finished product and to provide a better standard in their nation.

There have been numerous problems in achieving this goal. The foremost of these of these problems has been to identify and establish a reliable source of technological information. The procedure is expensive, time consuming, and there is always a fear of being exploited by those unknown sources who might provide an obsolete technology. There are multi-national industries which may generate significant profits from their operations and can afford to accomplish the technology transfer through their source of manpower, money, and time.

It is the goal of our company to serve medium size industries both in India and the United States by helping them achieve a proper link for a successful long term business venture.