Medical Billing Management
Sabnis Healthcare Practice Management (SHPM) provides revenue management (medical billing) services to numerous clients currently in NJ, GA, OH, NY, PA, FL and expanding in NC and SC. We boast significant billing experience and knowledge in Neurology and Pain Management, OBGYN, Oncology, Radiology, Pediatrics and Internal Medicine among others.

SHPM is your partner in revenue management and manages your cycle tightly. We do it by implementing our methodology for each of our clients – no matter how small or big the practice is. We believe in right-sizing your team and ensure extra capacity during transition. We give you a dedicated account holder for daily communication and coordination. We have a dedicated set of people that do nothing but follow up claims with insurance companies and any insurance-specific issues directly with patients.

We have experienced billers on our team. And philosophically, we add new members to our organization for new clients and share some experienced members so everyone – new and existing clients – gets the same attention they deserve.

We help our clients succeed by leveraging our domain expertise, and our innovative as well as cost effective approach to outsourcing on-shore / off-shore. SHPM’s service and delivery are based on its highly skilled professionals, robust processes and infrastructure, in-house domain expertise and an unflinching commitment to its clients.