Five Ways How SPHM Can Benefit You
We believe we are different from other billing companies. That is what we hear from many of our clients as well. Based on some observations from our clients and our internal assessment, we think you may want to consider some of the benefits we have been able to establish over multiple years with most of our clients.

  1. Continuous flow of revenue

  2. Rigorous and timely follow-up of denials, better patient coordination for missing data and balances, front-desk education and process improvement

  3. Better accountability from your billing team – you can contact us at your convenience and demand answers to any questions and we will get back to you. Don’t take our work for it, you can ask our clients!

  4. Better revenue collection (numbers vary but they are generally higher by at least 5 %)

  5. Cost reduction (as compared to other outsourced alternatives.. If you have in-house billing, the cost still will be lower if you look at salaries, benefits, overheads and whether team size is adequate to do the job daily)

  6. Better control for you – the Practice Owners

Overall, we believe that we can offer you a superior quality billing service that offers you:

  • A local presence

  • A dedicated team that follows up on every claim

  • Accountable and responsible billing with complete HIPAA compliance