Telecom Overview

Aberdeen Research Says “Telecommunications is a large and poorly controlled expense for many Enterprises, 7% to 12% of telecom service charges are billed in error. For large Enterprises these errors are costing more than $8 million a year in lost profits.”

Sabnis Incs offering to the Telecom Expense Management Companies would be rented Professional Services. These services would be provided from our India Center. Some of our services include: Telecom Audit Support, Operations Services, Helpdesk, and IT Support.

Operations Support Services provide the TEM companies with skilled System Operators (Telecom Analyst) experienced on various TEM Softwares e.g. Tangoe CMP etc.

Telecom Audit Support service provides the TEM companies with Skilled Telecom Analyst who perform various activities involved in the Audit project e.g. Data Capture from Invoices, Contract Analysis, CSR Analysis, and CDR Analysis etc.

Helpdesk Support provides the TEM companies support for MACD’s (Moves, Add, s, Changes and Deletes). Calling up the Carriers for Terminating circuits etc. Data Collection from the Carriers.

IT Support services provide Remote IT Support / TEM companies with qualified and skilled IT Professionals. Our IT Professionals would be a viable and cost effective solution for our customers.

Sabnis Inc’s Telecom Analytic Reporting (TAR) Suite provides CFO’s, CEO’s and telecom managers an in-dept analysis of their Telecom Spend and Telecom Network. These interactive reports are developed in Crystal Reports giving a pictorial and analytic view.