Telecom Intelligent Reports

All the Telecom Expense Management Companies perform Telecom Audits to Optimize the Telecom Network and Telecom Expense. This activity of Telecom Expense management is challenging and tedious because of it sheer volume. Considering many Enterprises have hundreds of vendors and thousands of invoices. The Enterprises don’t even know what they are being billed for by the Vendors. It is a common scenario in which the Enterprise is being billed by the Vendor for the circuits which the customer has disconnected .The Process of Telecom Audit can be done Manually or in an Expense Management Application. For Auditing in an Application we have the Operations Support Service. Whereas for the Manual Audit we perform the following tasks listed below. This process of Telecom Audit involves populating the spreadsheet with relevant information from the invoices and contracts. Also CDR’s generated from the carrier switch are to be audited using database tools.

How can we support?

We have trained and experienced Telecom Analyst who have worked on various Telecom Audit projects. They can perform the following tasks:

  • Preparing an inventory of circuits in a spreadsheet
  • Populating the spreadsheet with contractual rates to find variance
  • Populating the line items from the invoice to spreadsheet
  • Preparing Network Diagrams of Telecom Data / Voice Networks
  • Analyzing Contracts to find out Discounts,Renewals,Credits,Waivers etc
  • Generating Reports in Excel, Crystal Reports or as per the client requirement
  • Normalizing the data dump of CDR’s into the database
  • Analyzing the CDR’s to dig out discrepancies in the applied rpm’s
  • CSR analysis
  • Tracing out circuits which are cancelled but are still billed
  • Preparing a Trend chart displaying month wise spend
  • Retrieving information from the Carrier Call Center
  • Flagging one time cost (e.g. installation charges, media charges etc) which can be waived.
  • Keeping track of One time Credits and MARC from the Carrier Contract
Retrieving information from the carrier portal about various services ( e.g. bundled offers like SDN One net of AT&T etc )