IT Support

Our Team of IT Professionals would assist Enterprises and Remote IT Support companies in IT activities which they perform on a day to day basis. Our IT Professionals are qualified and certified in the respective technologies they work in. Our IT Professionals would be a viable and cost effective solution to Remote IT Support Companies. They can perform the following tasks.

Database Support

    1. Online Monitoring the Application Database for the TEM software.
    2. Keeping logs of the events of the database
    3. Keeping track of the log files and dump files
    4. 24 * 7 Database Monitoring
    5. Writing SQL and PL/SQL scripts for backend development
    6. Writing Backup and Recovery scripts
    7. Monitoring the Database server Performance
    8. SQL tuning
    9. Database installation and Maintenance
    10. Remote Database Administration
    11. Writing Stored Procedures

Server Monitoring

    1. Monitoring the CPU load, disk space, memory utilization continuously
    2. Keeping the event logs from the active directory
    3. Operating System Administration
    4. 3rd party Application Installation Support
    5. Backup Management and Restoration Support
    6. 24 * 7 Server Monitoring