The SHPM Approach
Infrastructure for Tracking / Reporting Each Claim – healthcellonline

We believe we have a platform that firmly keeps you, the practice owner, in control. This platform is Healthcellonline – our proprietary system that allows us to track and report against each claim we have for your practice.

A billing service is only as good as its ability to follow up on every single claim. This is what we do for ALL our clients. A major portion of the team will be checking status of every single claim we submit with the insurance companies – either though web,
IVR or calling up the agent. No matter how long we are put on hold. We have developed software specifically to meet our needs – healthcellonline. It is used only by our associates and our clients. This platform allows us to ensure that all claims are billed, all claims are followed up on in a timely fashion, and practice analysis reports are generate
as per your needs.

Minimum Front Desk Hassles

We are a full-service billing company and take on many steps to ensure prompt payment of your claim. It effectively reduces workload for your Front Desk.

We make sure that all your claims are billed on a daily basis. Before billing, we check eligibility of all patients that we are billing for the first time. In case of eligibility issues or denials, we do both – call patients ourselves and communicate to the Front Desk. So your Front Desk is freed up to do the most important thing – patient care. When
claims are denied for coordination of benefits, pre-existing conditions, need of detailed medical notes, we coordinate and ensure that submit them. For patient billing, we follow up with courteous and gentle reminders to check if they have received the statements.

Immediate Follow-up and Timely Coordination

Technology plays an important part in our ability to follow up on every claim. The other part is adequate staffing and skilled workforce to follow up on the claims.

We staff dedicated members to each of our clients. For your practice, we will do the same. On day 1, we will have dedicated members in the team that will check eligibility, follow up on insurance claims and wherever we face issues, communicate immediately
with the Front Desk in a pre-designed format. Our intention is to ensure speedy follow-up on each claim and communicate it with the Front Desk in a least disruptive manner.

The Organization Culture – Our Ability to Listen, Learn and Evolve

Our organization has been built by our personal value and belief system of both our founders – Dr. Ajay Iyer and Abhijit Desai. Our core values pervade every action we take either individually or collectively. We believe in honesty, transparency, learning attitude and unwavering commitment towards our work.

We believe in building cells for each of our clients and staffing them appropriately. Ensuring a proper and dedicated team structure and having a sense of ownership among team members are keys to an ongoing successful operation for each of our clients. What we mean by dedicated is this: if your biller does not show up for work, we will not let someone else bill for you. We want to ensure prompt billing, but quality and accuracy are paramount to us. Conversely, if the work from your side is slowing down, your biller will analyze the account and check the account receivable (instead of getting deployed
to another account). If we make any errors, you will hear it from us, you will not have to discover it. Our intention is to do the best billing possible AND to earn your trust. Not just focus on our commission.

Money matters, but trust matters more.