Six Keys to SHPM
How can we support?

  1. Have dedicated managerial capacity for internal control – doing error checks and exception resolution. This ensures that things just don’t fall through the cracks.

  2. Keep communication with the front office on to ensure that missing data issues are resolved right away.

  3. Educate all the stakeholders about criticality of fast turnaround.

  4. Have capacity to do this every day for each claim! Staff the physician’s billing team accordingly. A single part-time biller is not an ideal solution anymore!

We hire them, we train them and we monitor them. Our team understands the criticality and confidentiality of the data they deal with. We are qualified professionals that take our jobs seriously. We have experience to add to the mix as well. Our people are our strength and we believe on continuity.

We document what we do every step of the way. We have checks and balances built into our web-based application to make sure that claims do not get dropped at any point in its life cycle.

Conventional billing systems are great for transactions but could be limited in terms of usability, visibility, summary and a quick lookup. We fill this need by our web-based application HEALTHCELONLINE! We are committed to investing to technology with changing times. We will do it at your pace, keep it flexible and customize it. We understand the need to balance standardization with meeting your practice-specific needs.

Healthcell is dedicated to providing services that are compliant with all government regulations and legal requirements. The management team and staff are dedicated to the implementation, operation, and monitoring of our compliance program.

Healthcell faces the same challenges that all healthcare providers are faced with regarding HIPAA-compliance. With the help of outside consultants, HEALTHCELL has incorporated HIPAA policies and procedures related to transaction code sets, privacy, and security into our existing compliance plan. Everyone is frequently trained and audited in Healthcell policies and procedures related to HIPAA compliance.