To Foreign Clients:

  • Represent them in the U.S. with a local office and identify U.S. firms to provide technology to expand and diversify their activities.
  • Provide assistance in lincensing or franchising and/or equity collabration from U.S. firms.
  • Assist in procurement of required technical information.
  • Import / Export of Goods / Equipment.
  • Liason with US Agencies and International Organizations.
  • Technical / Marketing Information on Products for the US market.

To U.S. Clients:

  • Identify the right party in India to form licensing, franchising or joint venture agreements.
  • ndoctrinate firms on the State-of-the Art of Indian conditions in their particular field.
  • Develop initial marketing / selling of their products in South-East Asia.
  • Our services are made more attractive by arrangements for payment to suit individual client's needs.